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Powder Coating


Powder coating is a product finishing method wherein dry, pigmented powder is applied to parts and cured in an oven. The result is a beautiful, protective coating that is resistant to chemicals, weather, and much more durable than conventional paints. Powder coating is the fastest growing product finishing method. It is the gold standard for a wide range of products, including things you come into contact with every day, like washing machines, metal fencing, and much more.


Even a properly prepped and painted surface will chip and rust over time. Powder coating outperforms many traditional wet painting processes in durability, flexibility and lifetime. Highly chip and fade resistant, powder coating provides an ideal finish for everything from wheels, industrial equipment, and signs, to ornamental iron, metal art and patio furniture.

Powder coating is also an environmentally friendly process, since it does not involve the use of harmful solvents like those used in wet painting.


Powder coating can be done in most any color or texture you can imagine. Tri-City Powder Coating offers an extensive selection of stocked colors and textures, as well as thousands more available by special order. We can even provide color matching services to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Stop by anytime to view our color sample wall and catalogs. Make sure to check out our picture gallery to help inspire color combinations and project ideas.

For more colors, check out the Online Color Database at Prismatic Powders. Anything they have we can get.



Any metal part that can withstand 400 degrees F and can be powder coated. Some examples include, car wheels, metal fencing, patio furniture, calipers, valve covers, car frames, boat trailers, ski boat towers, bike frames, light fixtures, and control arms.

After parts are powder coated, they can typically withstand service temperatures of around 300 degrees F. For higher temperature applications, such as exhaust manifolds and headers, we recommend Cerakote. Cerakote is available in many different colors with service temperatures up to 2,000 degrees F. Click here to learn more about our Cerakote services.



Tri-City Powder Coating offers the highest quality powder coating available. Our staff is highly trained and experienced with a wide range of powder coating products. This ensures that your parts are coated according to manufacturing standards for performance and quality.

We are serious about quality at Tri-City Powder Coating. We take pride in offering only the highest quality products and make sure that each part that leaves our facility meets our rigorous standards. We don’t just make your part look pretty – we also make sure it will provide you the performance you expect.